Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Design: Storage Container Homes

Imagine walking into your backyard and spending your free time in this polyhedron designed by Manuel Villa.

It was designed for families to relax and enjoy the outdoors in a vocational setting with their families. It reminds me of Marie Antoinette's cottage villa she built for herself in Versailles, but it also got me thinking of practical uses for such a small space.

I came across these shipping container offices, which are quite practical! I could imagine an architect or construction foreman using one of these. They could easily move it from the main warehouse, when need be, to have it out on site with the building crew.

Illy Italian Coffee had a great idea of using these shipping containers for an quick cafe set-up!

I would buy coffee just to sit in this space for a little while. But I'm unsure why there is a toilet so out in the open. :)

The organization I work for, Friends of the Orphans, has decided to use shipping containers in a unique way that will benefit those suffering from the earthquake of Januay 12th, 2010.
Currently, they are transforming shipping containers formerly used to transport supplies into fully-functional hospital rooms on the site of St. Damien’s Hospital. This allows them to help not just children, but adults in need of medical care as well. These structures will eventually become permanent.

Father Rick Frechette of St. Damien's Hospital and St. Helen's Orphanage said, "Our new campground for displaced children is nearly ready. We have been working there all week. Instead of circling the wagons, we squared off empty containers in a huge rectangle covering 4,000 square meters. We will expand it in time. The containers themselves will soon be dormitories for the children, and the area for meals, schooling and activities will be in the shadow of the containers with the help of large awnings. There are about 350 children waiting to come in."

DONATE or Learn more about Haiti & Friends of the Orphans.

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