Monday, July 12, 2010

Past to Present

For all of your blogger lovers, I would recommend checking out wdydwyd? (Which stands for Why do you do what you do?) Its similar to postsecret...except the people are not anonymous and the messages are usually more upbeat!

This picture posted by
Tsirkus Fotografika, inspired me. I love his answer to the question because I used to feel this same way quite often. His photographs bring back the old style we love so much. Here are some more pictures from the gallery:

On a recent visit to Duluth this weekend, a friend and I decided to have a photo shoot of our own! Inspired by numerous pictures we see online every day, we took matters into our own hands! Neither of us are fantastic photographers, but we have a lot of ideas. So here is a picture from the first of many experimental photo shoots with a dear friend.

A small vignette of friendship.

Check out her blog, The Joy of Life, for a few more pictures from the day.

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