Friday, July 16, 2010

K-kinda busy

Stepping out of my apartment every day leads me to many unpredictable experiences. Today was no different. Opening the door to the brash sunlight, I threw on my sunglasses and proceeded to walk to my car. A group of black men were huddled nearby talking loudly and making their presence known. I gave them a polite smile, wanting no response other than a disinterested nod. No sooner did that thought cross my mind than did one of the men yell out, "HEY LADY GAAAA-GAAAA". I did not nourish them with a response and continued on my way, listening to the cat calls which consisted of, "LADY GAGA, WHERE YOU GOIN' GIRL!?" "Hey yeeeaahhhh, that GAaaa-GA!" "Lady Bay-bee!"

It got me thinking in the car, did they REALLY think I look like Lady Gaga? Or would any generation use the most current pop icon to cat call at women. Did my mother get, "YO MADONNA! WHERE YOU GOIN' GIRL??"

Although I do not entertain the absurd notion that I resemble Lady Gaga in the slightest, I feel the urge to indulge in this comparison. I took a Gaga inspired picture and still cant see the resemblance.

What do you think?

Maybe I should get some Gaga paraphernalia to complete the look...

TheHausThatJaneBuilt, The Need for Fame Lady Gaga Glasses

Imagined, Big Hairbow

Noir, Partial Pave Pyramid Ring

1 comment:

  1. I think with the right styling you totally could, but your facial features are a bit off to be a look alike, you were probably just strutting around owning the scene :)