Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Design: Bookshelves

Today a friend sent me a link to these great Baroque bookshelves!

Too bad Graham and Green are a UK based company…the shipping on these is outrageous!

This Jaren Goh Vintage Shelf designed for Munkii a Singapore based company is also completely adorable.
I love the inverted Baroque design.

Try making this inverted bookshelf. Instructions here.

This other DIY bookshelf is from Spoonfullofchocolate on etsy.

I love these falling bookends from Artori Design.

I always buy way too many books and don't have enough space to put them all. Most of the time, I'm buying antique books I wont even read! :)

But I did get some of these penguin classics that I will eventually make my way through.

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  1. I have TON of these and I think that they are so beautiful and i LOVE them... They are just so fun to look at... And read too I suppose...