Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Escape Island Style

This poster best describes what I said to myself months before I left for vacation. I recently came back from an awesome trip to the Virgin Islands with a few friends. It makes coming back to the daily grind so much harder! We visited an old friend of mine who works at a Marina and lives on the island of St. Croix!

We went snorkeling, went out to dinner, and basically lay on the beach every day. One of the last days there we were able to take a look at St. Jon's Episcopalian Church in Christansted.

It takes about 10 minutes to walk up King Street from the Christiansted boardwalk to this historic church, built of gray stone starting in 1760. A huge stained glass window, replaced after Hurricane Hugo tore through the island in 1989, dominates the church. Most of the interior was crafted of local mahogany wood in the late 1860s, but we weren't able to take a look at that because the front doors of this Gothic style church are closed to keep out street people.We were able to get some cool pictures through the key hole.

I definitely would have wanted to check out more of the city and know its historical significance. There were a lot of older buildings that would have been worth a deeper inspection!

One of my favorite things on the island was a drink called Ting. Its a carbonated Jamaican drink made out of Grapefruit. Think, Orangina, but with grapefruit! I've included it here in this shopping guide of things I wish I had. :)

Vintage Coral Necklace from A to Z Consignment. Wooden Radio from the Curiosity Shoppe. Postcards from Penguin which includes 100 covers of some of their most classic titles! Recycled Cotton Tote Bag from forestbound's etsy shop. Thank you Kmart for providing us with inexpensive beach towels!

And for those of you dreaming of travel, but unable could get this world map vinyl decal and dream of all of the exciting places you WILL go some day!

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